Keratin Treatments

Keratin Treatments

Yost Salons Exclusive proudly offers keratin treatments in Las Vegas and Henderson. Say goodbye to bad hair days. Our highly trained hair stylists will work closely with you to help you decide if a keratin treatment will fit your needs. Are you looking for smoother and straighter hair? Using the products recommended by our professional hair stylists is always the best approach to obtaining the look and feel you want. The whole idea is they control unmanageable locks and get the hair as straight as possible, without the need for a flat iron.

Keratin Treatment For Frizzy Hair

Do you have frizzy, curly hair and always wanted it straight without all of the blow drying and harsh hair straighteners? A keratin treatment at Yost Salon Las Vegas is just the thing for you. A keratin straightening treatment (a.k.a. a Brazilian blowout) can last 3-4 months with proper aftercare.

What Is A Keratin Treatment?

Keratin hair straightening treatments are a popular treatment made up of natural protein already found in your hair. They can be used by anyone with frizzy, wavy, and even color treated hair. Our stylists will apply a keratin hair-straightening product to your hair and seal it in with the help of heat from a flat iron. The treatment process can take about 90 minutes, or longer, depending on the length of your hair.

You will be amazed by the frizz controlled, healthy looking, straight hair produced from your keratin straightening treatment. They have also been known to reduce blow drying time by 40% – 60%. With the many benefits of a treatment, it is worth treating yourself to one and seeing how much better your hair feels.

Is Keratin Hair Straightening Safe?

When keratin straightening treatments initially became popular, they quickly created a controversial buzz.  There were concerns that the products may have had formaldehyde in their ingredients. Now there are several 100% formaldehyde-free keratin treatments available on the market. We take the necessary precautions to protect our clients and stylists, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

If you have every wanted straight, healthy hair without the daily hassle, contact your favorite stylist at Yost Salons Exclusive today. When you visit us for a keratin treatment in Las Vegas, you will be blown away by your new hair style.