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Frizzy Hair Treatment

If you are tired of flyaways, get a frizzy hair treatment from Yost Salons Exclusive in Las Vegas. We provide a variety of popular treatments for frizzy hair, including deep conditioning, Brazilian Blowouts. What Causes Frizzy Hair? Curly hair becomes frizzy when moisture enters the cuticle, and it becomes uncontrollable, resulting in unhealthy, dry-looking waves….

Brazilian Blowout

The search for an amazing salon to do your Brazilian blowout in Las Vegas ends at Yost Salons Exclusive. Beautiful hair that maintains its manageability for weeks after you leave the salon is just one phone call away. It is time to leave ordinary hair to ordinary individuals. Take advantage of the exploding popularity of…

Hair Straightening

For hair straightening in Las Vegas, Yost Salons Exclusive is your destination for Brazilian Blowouts. Brazilian Blowouts We offer Brazilian Blowout treatments to eliminate the curl and frizz that make your hair seem unruly. If you need hair straightening as a semi-permanent solution, you may want to come see us for a¬†Brazilian¬†Blowout. Yost Salons Exclusive…