Massage Therapists

Massage Las VegasYost Salons Exclusive massage therapists Invite you to our Las Vegas salon today. We offer our clients a variety of full body massage therapy sessions including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and sports massage. Our certified massage therapist gives relaxing massages and helps to make all your cares seem to drift away. Have a day of enjoyable pampering by including a massage after your hair salon appointment or with combine it with any of our other services.

Massage Therapy In Las Vegas

Massage therapy has been proven to have many emotional and physical benefits. Even just one session can help you feel relaxed, refreshed, and benefit your overall health. The medicinal benefits of a massage include relieving stress, encouraging relaxation, improving posture, lowering blood pressure, relaxing your muscles, and improving circulation. It can also improve your flexibility and range of motion along with making it easier for you to breathe deeper. Additional benefits include strengthening your immune system and rehabilitation after and injury.

Full Body Massage

Getting a full body massage from a professional massage therapist at Yost Salons Exclusive reduces noticeable amounts of tension. You will first meet the massage specialist and discuss your recent medical and injury history. You should also explain which area of pain you would like them to focus on. Then settle into a peaceful, quiet room with a comfortable massage table where your massage will take place. Your massage therapist will only uncover one area of the body at a time during the massage. If you feel any discomfort, feel free to alert your massage professional.

Types Of Massage We Offer:

Swedish Massage: The Swedish massage is the most common massage you will find. It combines a variety of hand massage techniques including kneading, gliding, and cross-fiber friction to loosen up knots in your muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage: A deep tissue massage is similar to a Swedish massage because it focuses on applying deeper pressure to release deep muscle tension. This massage can help lower blood pressure and reduce stress.

Sports Massage: A sports massage focuses on massaging parts of the body that are used when playing sports. These specific areas of focus are overused and stressed because of athletic, aggressive, and repetitive movements.

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