For eyebrow waxing & tinting in Las Vegas, choose the beauty experts at Yost Salons Exclusive. Whether you’re a man or woman, your eyes are the most notable and prominent feature on your face. If you work and live in Las Vegas your everyday career requires you to always look your best and luckily you have the aestheticians and master stylists at Yost Salon Exclusive on hand. Having well-manicured eyebrows is as important as trimming and grooming your luscious tresses. Our beauty team is passionate about helping you look and feel your very best.


Experience Brow Art At Its Finest

The shape and color of your eyebrow’s arches are as important as the style of your nails and hair. The eyebrows are the architecture that frames the rest of your face for that effortless and natural beauty you were already born with. Both women and men love to tint and wax their eyebrows. When you have perfect brows that match and accentuate your features, you can get away with wearing less cosmetic products or getting away with just being adorable with less effort. Benefits to professionally waxing and tinting eyebrows at Yost Salon Exclusive include:

  • Hypoallergenic Wax
  • Faster Than Tweezing
  • Saves Money On Expensive Cosmetics
  • Saves Time With Morning Routine
  • Relaxing & Fun Atmosphere

Highlight & Darken

Wake up every morning with the confidence that part of your makeup and beauty routine isn’t as time-consuming as it used to be. Tinting your eyebrows can help make the brows look thicker, fuller, and healthier so if you need to fix a botched brow after having been over plucked in a spot you didn’t intend causing patches of baldness or an uneven brow line, our master beauticians can save the day. Dying or tinting eyebrow hair creates a dazzling celebrity superstar look that lasts without the need for extra powders, pencils, or mascara.

Customized Brow Line Shapes To Accentuate Your Character

Waxing eyebrows is the quickest and easiest way to perfectly get the exact eyebrow shape without all the tedious hair plucking. Waxing typically lasts longer than tweezing and is best when performed by a professional as shaping eyebrows is a fine art and if done improperly can take months for the waxed area to regrow. Our beauty specialists at Yost Salons Exclusive can help determine the shape and style of your arches to highlight your unique facial features. If you’ve never received a proper eyebrow waxing and brow tinting, then you’re missing out.

Discover Which Brow Line Works Best For You

Grooming and tinting your eyebrows will give you that edge to bring out the best in your eyes. Let the professional beauty specialists at Yost Salons Exclusive of Las Vegas reshape and highlight your eyebrows to bring out the glamour and allure of your eyes and all the rest. Call or walk-in today to schedule or learn more about our customized eyebrow waxing and tinting packages and products.