Eyelash Extensions Las Vegas

Yost Salons Exclusive in Las Vegas is your professional eyelash extension destination. We are a full-service salon equipped to take your appearance to the next level of excellence. Eyelash extensions can save you time and money while enhancing your overall look with very little daily effort.

Lashes For Days In Vegas

Want to get noticed? Add luscious volume and depth to your eyelashes. If you want intoxicating, attention-grabbing eyes that draw the gaze of the most discriminating onlookers, come to Yost Salons Exclusive. Adorn yourself with mink eyelash extensions, eyebrow and eyelash tinting services from the exclusive experts.

Better Than Falsies

With new advances in the beauty industry, previously beneficial products such as false lashes have become nonessential. The artificial look that accompanies falsies paired with the labor-intensive process of putting them on and removing them daily makes false lashes unappealing to many. Eyelash extensions create the look of full healthy eyelashes and are woven transparently into your existing lashes. Each lash is positioned individually, so you get a high-definition look while avoiding the manufactured look associated with fake lashes. Our stylists take the time to craft your eyelashes appropriately to match the contours of your face and accentuate your eyes.

Lashes That Last

Reduce the number of hours you spend getting ready, and maximize the time you spend looking sensational. Eyelash extensions from Yost Salons Exclusive have been known to maintain the integrity of their look for several weeks. We do recommend coming in routinely, every four weeks, for touch-ups and fills. Your freshman set of extensions should consume two hours of your time for installation. The experience will be one of the most gratifying and relaxing 120 minutes you have ever spent in any salon! Subsequent fills should only require an hour of your time.

Proper Lash Care

Don’t be anxious about continuing your daily face washing regimen, it will not harm your lashes. For the absolute best results, comb your eyelashes each day. Many clients with eyelash extensions find that they no longer need mascara. If you do use mascara, use ”extension safe” mascara. The chemicals in some mascara will break down the material used to create your beautiful new extensions. Wake up made up without mascara or liner.

Lash And Brow Tinting Salon

Our services extend far beyond eyelash extensions and other salon appropriate services to include lash and eyebrow tinting. These services are an additional way to frame your eyes and to get an unbelievably gorgeous look. Lash and eyebrow tinting reduces your time in front of the mirror, so you can spend more time enjoying life. No more mascara, no more brow pencils, and no more worries that your eyebrows are not the perfect shade to match your hair.

Get Professional Eyelash Extensions In Vegas

Call Yost Salons Exclusive in Las Vegas for a free consultation or simply make an appointment for eyelash extensions, tinting or brow tinting. Throw those sticky strips of plastic lashes and gunky glue away. It’s time to wake up fabulous without the time and effort false lashes take. Let us up your lash game today.