If you want to be a part of the hottest hair color trends taking over today’s fashion scene, visit Yost Salons Exclusive in Las Vegas today. At Yost Salons, we are excited to share some of the vibrant trends that are turning heads both on and off the runways. Working with your personal tastes and skin tone, our hair colorists can help you determine which color will bring out the best in your style.

Perfect Your Look

Tapping into current hair color trends is a great way to keep your look fresh and contemporary. Add a little excitement and variety to your life! We have yet to find a person who doesn’t feel invigorated by an infusion of new color! Feel sexy and vibrant with a carefully selected and expertly applied exciting new color.  Some current hair color trends include:

  • Mermaid Hair Color
  • Reverse Ombre Color
  • Lilac Hair Color
  • Grey Hair Color

There are so many new hair color trends. They seem to be ever changing and oh so exciting. The mermaid trend flows from the head to the beard even. So, it isn’t just the ladies benefitting from all the runway has to offer.

Mermaid & Reverse Ombre Hair

If you’re looking for some eye-catching va-va-voom, try the mermaid hair color. This rainbow of appeal that focuses on light teal and silver isn’t just for celebrities — it’s an expressive way to stand apart from any crowd, especially in Vegas. You can flip the script with a subtle reverse ombre hair color that leaves lighter face-framing locks in place, and fades to a darker, dramatic tone at the ends. This technique is also great for adding depth and the impression of thicker, fuller hair.

Pastel Hair Color Trends

Blondes and brunettes alike can take part in the pastel trend with a dose of ethereal lilac. This romantic, feminine look can be yours with an appointment at the hands of the talented team at Yost Salons Exclusives. The grey hair trend has been adopted by noteworthy celebrities, helping it gain its place as one the most popular hair color trends today. There’s something mysterious and gorgeous about grey, and perhaps it’s the juxtaposition of these silvery locks on youthful faces.

Subtle Is Not In Season

Forget the soft hints of honey or gold, now is the time to boldly explore some of this season’s hottest looks. With our expert hair colorist team at your disposal, you can forge ahead into a world of glamor and intrigue as we work together to choose your new look.

Interested in some of the latest hair color trends? Contact Yost Salons Exclusives today for a consultation with one of our talented hair colorists, and discover a side of yourself you never knew existed.