Let the skilled hands at Yost Salons Exclusive in Las Vegas manage your hair lightening and darkening with skill and an eye towards cutting-edge style. Yost Salons Exclusive is a spa and hair salon that understands the importance of a well-defined look. That’s why we encourage you to visit our talented team and entrust your hair to our highly esteemed industry professionals.

Add A Little Va-Va-Voom

Want to add eye-catching highlights that give you a fun, sun-kissed look? Or perhaps you’d love all-over color for a dramatic blonde bombshell appeal? When you want to add lift to your look, hair lightening is the way to go. Yost Salons Exclusive has become a local favorite when it comes to hair lightening in Las Vegas. Consider a color consultation with one of our stylists and let us get to work on your new locks. Depending on the starting color of your hair and if it is virgin (never been dyed), the conversion to light hair may take one to two processes to achieve your desired look.

Hair Darkening Las VegasBleaching vs Highlights

If you want to get that light head of hair overnight, a bleach wash can be applied, followed by a secondary wash to complete the hair lightening process. However, if you want a natural transition that could even fool your mom in its subtle transformation, we can use a bleach wash followed by highlights applied over the course of a few months. This second option is our recommendation for hair that has been extensively dyed and damaged. It’s also important to stay within the tone that is most natural for your complexion to ensure a complementary look, and our stylists will help select the shade that will work best for you.

Add A Little Drama

Looking for a little more intensity and flair? Darkening your hair can give you the drama and intrigue you seek, while creating an eye-catching frame for your features. When selecting a darker shade, our stylists will help determine which one will compliment your complexion to give you a rich, natural look instead of a final product that looks forced and artificial. To help add dimension and avoid that flat out-of-the-box look, we can use a combination of shades so your hair will have a look that’s more in line with what hair does naturally.

Make A Date With Your New Look

Yost Salons Exclusive takes pride in superior salon service, and we are ready to help you create a new look that will have heads turning all over Las Vegas. Call us today to set up an appointment, in Las Vegas, for your hair lightening or darkening consultation, and see what your hair can look like in the hands of our professional stylists.