At Yost Salons Exclusive, we offer a wide range of haircuts in Las Vegas. Let the creative minds and experienced hands of our professional hair stylists create the hair you’ve always wanted [...]

Long Haircuts

If you have longer hair, and want to keep it long, Yost Salons Exclusive is where to go for long haircuts in Las Vegas. There are many reasons that people choose to keep their hair longer rather [...]

Medium Haircuts

The gifted stylists at Yost Salons Exclusive are responsible for the most impressive medium and shoulder length haircuts in Las Vegas. This city is known for its trendy and stylish people and [...]

Short Haircuts

For short haircuts in Las Vegas, choose Yost Salons Exclusive. Our stylists keep up with the newest trendy hairstyles. Whether you are looking for a shaggy haircut, a pixie cut, a Bob curly [...]

Bob Haircuts & Styles

For a beautiful bob haircut and style in Las Vegas, choose Yost Salons Exclusive. This versatile hairstyle first became popular in the 1920’s. It has gone through many transformations [...]

Pixie Haircuts

At Yost Salons Exclusive in Las Vegas, NV, we know that a change to your hairstyle can make a change to your life–and for some, a pixie haircut is exactly the change you’re looking [...]

Layered Haircuts

Layered haircuts from Yost Salons Exclusive in Las Vegas is the fastest way to take your uninspiring hair from drab to fab. Layers add volume and style to a boring haircut. Among the many amazing [...]

Trims & Touch Ups

Keep your hair and appearance updated with trims and touch-ups by the professional stylists at Yost Salons Exclusives. Yost is a Las Vegas hair salon offering some of the best in hair and [...]

Hair Extensions

For the best hair in Las Vegas, choose a hair extension expert at Yost Salons Exclusive. When you decide to step up your game and get fuller, thicker, or longer hair, you want to be confident [...]

Edgy Haircuts

Any person searching for a salon to give them an edgy haircut in Las Vegas, need look no further than Yost Salons Exclusive. We can help you discover that new edgy haircut that is precisely your [...]


Visit Yost Salons Exclusive for the best updos in Las Vegas. Are you looking for a formal style  to make your hair look amazing? We can make your hair look great for your next big [...]

Special Event Hair Styles

Count on Yost Salon Exclusive to flaunt a new hair style for your next special event. We offer the latest haircuts and hair styles for any occasion. Our Las Vegas hair salon offers a range of [...]

Hair Stylists

If you are searching for a hair stylist in Las Vegas, make an appointment at Yost Salons Exclusive today. Finding a great hair stylist in Las Vegas isn’t as easy as it might seem. You want to [...]

Master Stylists

Let the master stylists at Yost Salons Exclusive in Las Vegas transform your hair into the locks you’ve always dreamed of. In a city like Las Vegas, your image can have a huge impact on [...]

Hair Coloring For Men & Women

The professionals at Yost Salons Exclusive in Las Vegas provide expert hair coloring for men and women of all ages. Professional hair coloring requires a highly trained eye, a deft touch, and [...]

Hair Lightening & Darkening

Let the skilled hands at Yost Salons Exclusive in Las Vegas manage your hair lightening and darkening with skill and an eye towards cutting-edge style. Yost Salons Exclusive is a spa and hair [...]

Grey Hair Coloring

Whether you’ve gone grey at a young age or would like a more youthful hair color, Yost Salons Exclusive in Las Vegas has got you and your grey hair covered with grey hair coloring. [...]

Color Correction

The hair color specialists at Yost Salons Exclusive are the leading experts in hair color correction in Las Vegas. Our process uses advanced coloring techniques to restore hair that has been [...]


We specialize in trendy Balayage highlighting at Yost Salons Exclusive in Las Vegas. Gone are the days of tired foil hair highlights, which are streaky and unnatural and require constant [...]


Yost Salons Exclusive of Las Vegas specializes ombre hair color. The ombre hairstyle is a no fuss way to lay out multiple colors in your hair without spending hours and extra dollars on the [...]

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